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Boulder’s Newest Market is Growing Greener!

The Hill business district creates a hot bed for local innovators and creative entrepreneurs!


CONTACT:  Hillary Griffith

TEL: 720.422.3354  Website:

On Graduation Weekend, Saturday, May 7th, and the day before Mother’s Day, Boulder residents will have an opportunity to shop locally, sustainably and innovatively at this years Spring Hill Flea ( 10am-4pm. This year’s May Market will showcase family garage sales, vintage clothing, and much more. The Market also hopes to attract more “up-cycled innovators” in the future but will feature some early adaptors at this spring market.  Market director Hillary Griffith says her goal is that the Market will become a hotbed for Colorado inventors, innovators and creative entrepreneurs, “We are looking for people who can help us conserve resources by showing how to redesign our trash!” says Griffith. Griffith notes that in May of 2012, The Market will launch its first annual “Reuse Innovation Competition”.  “The long-term goal is to encourage the Boulder community to go design crazy, showing off their wild ideas, and maybe even sell some of them! We also hope to help people continue to shop locally and consider repair before the dumpster, so we offer free workshops that teach people DIY skills and how to fix it as well” notes Griffith.

Griffith also highlights that  “Americans throw some 175 million tons of trash into landfills each year and that not so far away from Boulder, the Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site in Colorado is recognized as the second largest landfill in the United States (based on tons of garage received each year).”  The Flea is a way of promoting a more sustainable future for all of Colorado.

Those who are already familiar with online development sites like may want to check out some of the latest LOCAL innovators that will be showing up at the HILL Flea market. Boulder is already home to some companies that are leading the way in reuse like Green Guru who sells products like “up-cycled” dog leashes made from old climbing ropes and various products from recycled bike tires. See

Griffith noted that at last year’s market, vendors were diverse and included designers from throughout Colorado, CU student groups, mountain community members bringing garage sales, and even several high school students who designed products or brought art for sale. One of these students ended up at Harvard and another is now at Stanford studying in the Design School program.  The Flea is a great way to promote our entrepreneurial and engineering, local expertise. This year the FLEA has a Student Bazaar section, which offers booth space at discounted rates, to student businesses and artists.

On another note, Griffith also believes that the Hill Flea, now in its third year, has in a subtle way helped attract a variety of new businesses to the Hill by encouraging the public to consider the potential for “up-cycling” this business district.  Businesses like Cafe Aion (now nationally recognized as one of Boulders great restaurants) and Innissfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe (one of three poetry bookstores in the US) have chosen to make “The Hill” their home.  These businesses have renovated historic buildings and have created beautiful spaces that are attracting visitors from all over the state. Griffith hopes that the Boulder community will remember the value of saving old buildings, including the Hill’s historic buildings by  “up-cycling” them and promoting this in the Hill Commercial Area.

As usual the Market offers cheap garage sale space to encourage people to reuse.  Garage sale items brought to the Market can be left on the street at the end of the market and are picked up by Arc Thrift. “The goal”, says Griffith, is to make it easy, affordable and fun to participate.    Griffith notes that at the end-of-summer during, the August 13th Market   (when students are just getting back into town) big furniture often goes like wildfire. “Last year Historic Boulder sold out of all of its big furniture quickly” says Griffith.   Other local non-profits will also be involved this spring like the Second Wind Fund & Collies Closet who will be promoting their own coming fundraiser which features an ‘up-cycled fashion show’”.

Attendees can also enjoy great street food, free entertainment, community workshops (like how to “Repair Your Chair”), and fun activities like “Make your own Hoop & Hoop Dance Class “,    offered by O Dance Studio and Open Mic community Poetry Hour. The Fringe Festival is also helping with music and production, Core Power will offer a free 10am Yoga in the Street class and the Flea hosts a children’s story hour. Of course, children can also make presents for Mom out of recycled goods and practice “up-cycling” at the market. Mad Graphics also attending the Flea will be hosting a “make your owns custom sticker for mothers day”- A simple, affordable, fun present to give!

This Spring 2011 event runs from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, May 7th, 2011 and takes place IN THE STREET at 13th & Pennsylvania in the Historic University Hill District, in Boulder.

The City of Boulders Parking Services and CU are the major sponsors.

More information about the event is available at

You can also follow updates by following the Hill Flea on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information contact Hillary Griffith

Tel: 720.422.3354